Why have a Professional Head Shot photo session?

Using a Phone photo or “passport-type” photograph will not impress potential business associates or prospective clients. Head Shots taken professionally are the solution.

Our Head Shot clients come from many walks of life in Kuala Lumpur and even further afield throughout Malaysia and Singapore, we have had many clients from Japan, Australia, Europe, and the USA visit us for Head-Shots referred through their local offices to us during their visit because they want to project a professional image. Using a mobile phone photo or supplying an “IC/Passport ID” photograph will do nothing to impress potential business associates or prospective clients.

Because people are busy we now offer location shoots and all of the images below are taken at the workplace or home, some have been edited to appear as a studio environment.

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The Headshot session can last as little as 30 minutes or up to 90 minutes, if requiring a larger selection of images and changes of clothing, from Business Attire to Semi-Casual and even include a few casual shots for personal profiles. We take the time during the session to relax and ensure that we capture the very best profiles and stances. Usually, over 100 and sometimes as many as 300 photo’s are taken, these are uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive and these can all be downloaded and between 5-10 images of your choice will be retouched to whichever level suits your needs. Every client has a different perception of retouching and we always send a selection of ideas so we can provide exactly

All images that are published are retouched to some degree or other. But ALWAYS we follow our client’s instructions relating to the extent of the retouching and provide revisions until 100% satisfied.