Graduation Photography

Many clients have asked us over the years if it is possible to provide any location services for graduation photography and we have responded with producing such a service.

So for your convenience, we now offer a location Graduation Photography package. This can be either at your house or condo or an outside location, for example, a local park or any popular venue within Kuala Lumpur. We have also arranged sessions at many local hotels as our clients often are not local or have family overseas visiting for the ceremony.

Graduation Photography Information.

If you are looking for the traditional images that are often provided, i.e. Formal photo, standing in front of a painted backdrop of a bookcase or library then we are not likely to be your choice to provide your Graduation Photography.

We try to provide a more personalised service, focussing on your achievement, you can include your friends and family in the session. We have many on many occasions, set up in clients homes and if needed the shots can be “studio style” even if taken in a home environment, this we achieve with photoshop. Also, if needed we can transpose a selection of your photos into a more realistic Library backdrop than by using the hand painted mass-produced images which are often seen and still to this day offered in many Universities.

We only take a limited number of clients for this service as it’s clearly more time consuming than setting up in a University and “point and shoot” type service. It is much nicer for us to be able to spend time with our clients to ensure that they get a unique set of pictures for their special occasion.

Convocation Photographer Kuala Lumpur Graduation Photography Package (Silver)

We will attend your choice of venue and spend one hour to provide approximately 150 photographs of you either alone or with family and/or friends. Once the images are taken we will upload all of them to either Dropbox or Google Drive and share the private link for you to download. These will be High Definition and from these, you can take to any print shop to print what you require.

          Price RM280

Graduation Photography Package (Gold)

As package (1) but will allow for 2 hours photography and supply up to 4 images to be retouched and enhanced according to your instructions.

Price RM380

Graduation Photography Package (Platinum)

As package (2) but will supply up to 10 images to be retouched and enhanced according to your instructions.

Price RM480





Of course, if you want Studio Graduation Photography this can be arranged also but we have to book some time in advance as very often we are booked ahead it’s better to SMS / WhatsApp to see if your required dates/times are available. Or you can use the contact page here.