Graduation Photo Shoots

Your Graduation is a very special event in your life and should be celebrated with a Graduation Photo Shoot to treasure and share with all your family and friends.

I often receive calls asking  for information about “packages” for Graduation Photo Shoots and I am always faced with the difficult choice of what to offer. The problem is all clients are individuals and as such I feel should be treated as such, therefore I don't offer the usual style of images as offered throughout the colleges and universities, you know  – the typical imitation bookcase backdrops, very dark and look false anyhow.

Instead I offer to capture the mood and joy of this momentous occasion, clients bring in their Robes / Cap and Gowns, Scrolls and sometimes the gifts that people have given them . Often they bring their friends and  family to join in the session. This is more relaxed and always results in better photos than those taken in a hurried atmosphere on the day of the graduation. I have attended these (see the video below) and it's almost impossible to get just one or two great pictures suitable for sharing with everyone and the problem is they all look the same as the next persons photos, hardly surprising as they are taken in a hurry and using the same backdrops.

As regards pricing, you would be surprised at how little it costs to capture truly great photos that you will be proud to share around the countless friends that all want to share in this special event.

For more information on Graduation Photo Shoots send me a quick message here  or call / sms me on 016 518 0405


Graduation Photo Shoot


Graduation Photography KL

Graduation Photo KL

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